Typography and Motion Graphics tools

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Typography and Motion Graphics tools

Messaggio da breckjensen » 07 nov 2017, 15:22

Not sure if this has been mentioned before. If not, I'd like to see what you guys think.

I've recently been trying to see how Typography, Kinetic Typography and Motion Graphics could work in Synfig (because apparently, my artistic skills are SO BEHIND THE TIMES and Ireallyshouldbrushuponmotiondesignohshit!).

Theoretically, it's all possible with Synfig, because it has every algorithm we need under-the-hood. Practically... weeeell.... Let's just say I couldn't go any further, because doing something like those videos (I mean, "precisely" like those videos, with every little detail) was too frustrating. And this is obviously because, so far, Synfig has only focused on being studio-animation driven, rather than motion-design and it has some significant priority checklist to complete.

Even so, I thought I'd bring to your attention that tools for typography and motion-design may also greatly improve the quality of studio-animation works, and that in some future versions we may need focus on that bit of a niche. Simply put, the only good applications that help complete such projects currently are all proprietary tools, such as After Effects. If we could create toolsets in Synfig to make it easier for artists to create motion-design and typography, we wouldn't need to rely on proprietary tools at all!

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